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Ha Giang Motorbike Tours

Amazing Ha Giang Off-road Tours To Enjoy The Beautiful Nature

Driving through Ha Giang Motorbike Tours so far is the most memorable experience of a trip in Vietnam, and is said to be your whole wonderful time in all Southeast Asian countries.

Ha Giang Motorbike Tours

The Ha Giang Motorbike Toursis – you guessed it – a motorbike ring around Ha Giang, Vietnam’s northernmost province, is bordered by China. The time to complete this Vietnam Motorbike Tours is anywhere from 2-4 days. We recommend at least four days to not rush to experience and can immerse yourself in all attractions. This Ha Giang Motorbike Tours is too far for you to have the loop execution in anything under 4 days, but if you want to visit Ha Giang about 2 days, we also can design a customized for you.

If you dare to ride a motorbike through steep, zigzag cliffs and rocky roads, you will be rewarded with the most spectacular and incredible scenes in Ha Giang Motorbike Tours of Vietnam and entire Southeast Asia. Ha Giang has a lot of destinations for you to explore such as Ma Pi Leng Pass, Thung Ba Hill, Rock Plateau of Dong Van, etc.

Ha Giang province is dominated by ethnic minority groups, giving visitors the opportunity to witness the daily working life of Thai people, H’mong people about your clothing and cuisine. You have a chance to see locals in their national costumes when you go through their village. You will see women wearing colorful clothes carrying bundles of sticks in the basket, children playing (and yes, sometimes working) on ​​the street and hardworking work building new structures. As a westerner, it is extremely humble for you to see how hard these people work every day as a community. After a long day of cycling, at each stop, you will find cozy hostels and inns to rest at night in Ha Giang Motorbike Tours and often have the opportunity to enjoy an authentic family-style meal.

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