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Join Ho Chi Minh Motorbike Tours For The Most Enjoyable Riding Experiences

Tired of traveling alone and desire to have some partners to go with? Motorbike tours can help you. Check out these Ho Chi Minh motorbike tour providers!

Ho Chi Minh city is the place you should not miss once you set foot in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon, is the 2nd largest city in Vietnam with many beauty spots and traditional values. Therefore, more and more people choose Ho Chi Minh City for their holidays. Although there are many ways to discover this city, traveling by motorbike to explore every corner of Saigon is considered the best way.

Of course, it is not so fun to travel alone, right? You can rest assured because these Ho Chi Minh motorbike tours providers will connect you and the fellow travelers together.

Why You Should Join A Motorbike Tour

Different from other forms of traveling, joining a motorbike tour in Vietnam is very rewarding.

You can test your endurance

Traveling with a motorbike, you have to go a really long way. So it is a chance for you to know how far you can go. Sometimes, you may be frustrated and want to give up halfway.

But if you go on a tour, your travel fellows can be a great source of inspiration.. Of course, you can not leave your friends behind to go back, right? Therefore, you can get over your own current limit.

You can know your bike more

You have a great motorcycle, but you do not know its max ability? Now it is the chance to know more about your motorbike. Stop treating it as a tool, treat it as your companion. On the way, there will be so many problems that you need to fix. Thanks to the time that you spend with your vehicle, you can understand it more.

You will have more travel experiences

Joining any tours in Vietnam, Hanoi motorbike tours, Ho Chi Minh Trail motorcycle tours, or Danang motorbike tours, you will be able to meet many travelers who have lots of exploring experiences. Because they have already learned the way by heart, they can show you the fastest way to get to your destination.

Some suggested Ho Chi Minh Motorbike Tour Providers

If you have not found any good Ho Chi Minh motorbike tour, the following tour providers can do wonders for you. They are really prestigious and trustable.

One Trip

One Trip was first established in 2015. Although its headquarter is in Ho Chi Minh City, this provider organizes tours for all people from all over the country.

Tours that are provided by One Trip attract so many people because of their convenience and thoughtful service. If you join these tours, there will be many tour guides that are always willing to support you.

Vietnam Vespa Adventures

Vietnam Vespa Adventures is well known due to the famous tours that it provides. It is a big organization with more than 10 years of experience. 

As the name suggests, this organization’s tours use bright orange antique Vespa motorbikes. Joining Vietnam Vespa Adventures, you will not be disappointed because of the enjoyment that it brings.

XO tours

XO Tours is the first female motorbike tour provider in Vietnam. It was established to create more opportunities for women in the tourism industry.

XO Tours offers many interesting motorbike tours. Joining these tours, you can explore and feel the beauty of Ho Chi Minh City in particular and Vietnam in general. Besides, there is also a special tour called the Foodie Tour which allows the joiners to discover Vietnamese food. 

Back of the Bike Tours

Being known as one of the top motorbike tour operators, Back Of The Bike Tours has not let its customers down for about more than 6 years and still keeps its good service. 

The main tour that this organization provides is discovering food in Ho Chi Minh City. Besides, there are also 3 other different tours that will definitely bring you an enjoyable time.

BM Travel Adventure

Last but not least, BM Travel Adventure cannot be missed in this list. Different from the names mentioned above, this company mostly provides off-road Vietnam motorbike tours covering numerous landscapes throughout the S-shaped land, bringing travelers memorable riding experiences during the motorbike trip. 

There are two factors that makes BM Travel Adventure outstanding compared to other operators. The first one is the superior quality of motorcycles, and the second one is taking tourists through little-known off-road routes. Taking motorbikes tours from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city here, you will get a chance to climb on powerful motorbikes like Honda CRF150L, Honda CRF150L, or Suzuki DR-Z400 and experience off-the-beaten-track destinations from north to south.

Halong Bay
Halong Bay

What You Will Get From These Motorbike Tours?

You can make new friends

After a long trip on motorbikes, you can have more new friends. Some can help you with your work, some can be your best friends for the rest of your life. All of you have to get through difficult trips with unforgettable memories. That is what you can not get if you choose to travel by yourself.

You can learn new languages

Ho Chi Minh motorbike tours attract various people from all over the world. Therefore, you can be able to learn not only Vietnamese but also other languages. We are sure that your speaking skills will be strongly improved after each trip.

You will learn how to repair your motorbike

On the trip, there may be accidents or some troubles that may affect your motorcycle. In order to continue the adventure, you will have to fix the motorbike.

On the tour, there will be at least one person who has experience in repairing motorbikes. Therefore, you can learn a lot from him/her.

You will have more experiences in traveling

Lastly, a tour will give you many worthwhile experiences. “the more you go, the more you will know”. Traveling by motorbike is so great that you must practice handling many situations. And thanks to that, you can have more inspiration to continue the next tours.


If you are finding some activities that can help improve yourself, then trying Ho Chi Minh motorbike tours is a good choice.

In case you do not have a motorcycle, you can contact the tour operators to rent a motorbike. 

And now, what are you waiting for? Let’s start your unforgettable adventures!

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