Start Enduro Trails Tours In Vietnam For Some Fun

Are you sitting at home and surfing on the Internet for nothing? Do not waste your time on meaningless things. 

Why don’t you plan a trip to go somewhere in Vietnam? Are you eager to conquer every mesmerizing landscape in Vietnam? If yes, let’s prepare and start an exciting yet refreshing journey right off the bat. 

How about enduro trails tours? It will be so fun that you can’t resist. You may find it quite strange for the first time, but do not worry, we are here to help you. Scroll down this article for further information.

Why Are Enduro Trails Tours Popular These Days? 

Nowadays, enduro trails tours gain popularity due to many reasons.

First, they are perfectly comfortable for those wanting to conquer the rocky terrain and rough mountain passes as you don’t have to prepare too much. Specifically, these tours provide you with many recommendations of ideal destinations, suitable sidekick for your journey, and so on.

Moreover, they bring a more “truthful” feeling while traveling on two wheels than a car. You can comfortably view the breathtaking landscapes and enjoy the fresh air. 

Second, they create chances to discover every nook and cranny in Vietnam. In fact, crowded tourist sites are no longer attractive. Now it’s time for you to explore little-known yet mesmerizing destinations on an enduro motorcycle. 

Last but not least, the enduro trails tours will help you save money during your trip. You can rent an enduro motorcycle from many places in Vietnam. 

Best Enduro Motorbikes To Start A Journey

Suzuki DR-Z400S

Originated from Japan, this Suzuki DR-Z400 comes with an engine displacement of 400cm3, making it a great option for the enduro trails tours. The weight of the vehicle is cut down to 118kg. Moreover, it is regarded as an advanced version of DR-Z 400 due to its powerful torque of 23.5Nm.

On top of that, this new DR-Z offers a harder front suspension, the tighter front brake, along with a new set of tires, making it work well in every off-road journey. 

Besides, it must be mentioned that adventurous riders will feel interested in this motorcycle thanks to its adjustable shock absorber and comfortable seat. What would be better than driving on the rough roads comfortably regardless of any pot-hole? 

In sum, Suzuki DR-Z400S meets the needs of going on some adventurous journeys. 

Honda CRF450L

It is not an exaggeration to say that Honda CRF450L is where an off-road trip starts. It is an excellent motorcycle with lightweight, full power, electric start as well as superior handling ability. 

To be more specific, this vehicle uses up to 449cc of the liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine, the wide-ratio transmission of 6-speed, and premium suspension for long paths. How amazing it is! With this enduro motorbike, you can defeat every single terrain with ease. What is more, thanks to an aluminum frame, this bike comes with noise reduction which makes it much more likely to drive in the crowded city. 

I bet that the Vietnam enduro tours will be much more exciting thanks to the complete package that this Honda CRF450L brings. So, are you ready to kick-start one?

Yamaha WR250R

My last choice for an adventure must be Yamaha WR250R. Similar to Suzuki DR-Z400S and Honda CRF450L, this vehicle has many excellent features, including a compact design, a 6-speed gearbox, electric start, the fully adjustable suspension, and the high power. 

On top of that, many riders, especially the first-time users, have shown appreciation for its easy-to-manage system. Also, its narrow yet still comfortable seat allows you to shift off the side of this motorcycle so that you can easily reach the ground. 

Although the engine of this Yamaha WR250R does not offer higher power than the other motorcycles I have mentioned above, it is a formidable choice. The reason is that you can drive it up to 110-120 km/h with ease, so a long-term journey through dirt roads is still achievable. 

How To Rent A Good Enduro Motorbike

Choose A Reliable Rental Place

Finding a prestigious rental place providing high-quality motorcycles plays an essential role in your enduro trails tours. Hence, it is a must to consider and choose carefully if you want to rent a good enduro motorbike.

Are you confused as there are a significant number of rental places in Vietnam and you don’t know which one is the best? 

Then let me help you. I know a company called BM Travel Adventure, which offers many high-quality, durable motorcycles at affordable prices. You will have a chance to get on Enduro bikes, standard dirt bikes, and touring bikes. Rest assured that these motorcycles are well maintained. 

Besides, if you have no idea about any particular off-road enduro motorbike, BM Travel Adventure will give you some recommendations depending on the trip you are planning. 

Check Out The Motorcycle Before Renting

Another thing that you must take into consideration is checking out the whole motorcycle before renting. I bet that you don’t want your bike to be broken down suddenly in your journey, right?

Let’s check out the engine to see if it is still in good condition. Does it take time to kick-start? Is the engine stable after long-time driving? Are there any oil-leaks? 

Besides, brakes are incredibly vital to test. Both of the brakes should be tight enough to stop the bike effectively. Also, let’s check to see whether the tires are good or not. You must know that balding tires cannot work well in the rain. 

Also, remember to test the lights, the front and rear signals, and the horn. These things highly contribute to your safety while driving on the road. 


Enduro tours completely have the potential to be the best option for Vietnam’s road conditions. You can have an opportunity to enjoy the awe-inspiring sceneries, conquer bumpy dirt roads and terrain easily. 

So, be brave and get ready to set foot in many gorgeous and imposing lands in Vietnam on an enduro motorcycle. I believe that it will never let you down.

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